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Christian Values 2017-2018

This year we will once again explore six Christian values in depth, looking at one per term with the children across the school.  This term we are studying the value 'Friendship' - an undisputed value in our society and a key concept in the Christian framework. 

The bible has many sayings about friendship and it is these that we will think about through Collective Worship:

'A friend loves at all times.' (Proverbs 17:17)

'If one falls down, a friend can lift him up.' (Ecclesiastes 4:10)


We enjoy exploring these Christian values with the children each year and know that shared values across our school community will benefit the children in many ways.

During last year we explored 'Hope', 'Love', 'Peace', 'Thankfulness' and 'Forgiveness'.

Please have a look at the website www.christianvalues4schools.org.uk for more information on these values.