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Fox Class

Welcome to Fox Class! We are a Year 6 class and Miss Banks is our teacher. The other adults who support us are: Mrs Stenning, Mrs Watson and Mrs Eaton.

Term 3:

Happy New Year! We have lots of exciting, new learning planned for this term. In History, we will be learning about the American Civil Rights Movement and our first high-quality English text of the term will be 'Freedom Bird' by Jerdine Nolen. In Science, we will be learning about 'Properties and Changes in materials'. In Art, we will be learning about and replicating the style of Surrealism. 


Term 2:

We had a busy term in the lead-up to the Christmas holidays and finished with a whole school trip to see Cinderella at Bristol Hippodrome. On Tuesday 13th December, Fox Class organised a very successful Community Coffee Morning at Ubley Village Hall. We raised an outstanding £487.08 for the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. The children made decorations, cakes, earrings, a wreath and a wooden reindeer and worked very hard as a team all morning.

Here is what we learned about in Term 2:


On Tuesday this week, we had an astrophotographer come into Fox Class and talk to us about Space and how amazing the night sky really is. The person that came to speak to us was called Josh Dury and he is from Compton Martin. His photos blew my mind. He really loves his job and he is so good at it. We had an amazing time. If you want to see some of his pictures go to his website:

By Isobel Harvey

See our article in the Mendip Times:


We enjoyed learning about WW2 in History and enjoyed our class story: Letters From The Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. 

We also enjoyed learning about the circulatory system in Science and had a visit from Dr Evans. 

Circulatory system workshop with Dr. Evans: 

"On Wednesday Dr Evans visited Fox Class to talk about the circulatory system. She brought in her stethoscope, so we could listen to each other's heartbeats. She also showed us a pig's heart, because it is the most similar to a human heart. She let us feel inside and look at the right and left ventricles, the venae cavae, the veins and the arteries. The heart was very slimy to touch and was very impressive. Sara talked about all of the tubes and told us what the parts of the heart are called. Recently in science, we have been studying the circulatory system and the human body. All of the information she taught us was really interesting. Thank you to Dr Evans for coming in to talk to us."

By Lottie Bellamy


              Net Zero STEM Superheroes Project and Competition  - February/March 2023 

                           We are excited to be participating in this STEM project this year.

Net Zero Superheroes Competition


Weekly homework:

Topic-related homework may also be set when appropriate, which links to our learning in class. 


Supporting at home:

Statutory Spelling Words Y5/6 

Grammar and Punctuation Coverage

KS2 Grammar Glossary - A great resource for practising times tables. - songs to help in learning tables, spelling, grammar - anything! - raps to help understand grammar