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Hedgehog Class

Welcome to Hedgehog class page. We are a mixed Reception and Year 1 class. Our

Class teacher is Mrs Rose and our Teaching assistant is Mrs Watson.  



Our Curriculum

Our Reception Children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum, which includes the three prime areas: Personal, social and emotional development, Communication and Language and Physical development. It also includes four specific areas: Literacy, Mathmatics, Understanding the world and expressive arts and design. 

Our visions for children in the EYFS is to have children be independent, curious, creative and engaged learners. Our children will be allowed to explore and self-select resources at their own point of interest. This will happen in a stimulating, safe and welcoming environment that builds on the interest of the child, both indoors and outdoors. Your child will be encouraged to build working partnerships with all adults so as their needs are represented and heard.

Our Year 1 children follow the National Curriculum. In all areas, across both year groups we try to follow a creative topic approach to learning, using continuous provision, child led activities and adult based learning. 

Please find below a link to our Progression documents for our children in Early Years:

Progression Documents

Home Learning and support

As a class we like to use 'Class Dojo' as a form of communication between teacher and parents, you can access Class dojo via this link:

Weekly homework:

If you would like to support your child at home with their learning throughout the school year, please find some suggestions below for both Reception and Year One:

  • Read as many stories as possible with them to develop their love of Reading. Once they start bringing books home with them from school, please read this once a day with your child. 
  • Go over their Phonics sounds with them or ask them to point out sounds in books you are reading to/with them.
  • Spot maths in everyday life and talk to your child about it. For example, count forwards when going up the stairs and backwards when coming down. When laying the table for dinner can your child tell you how many knives and forks there are etc. 

If you would like any more ideas about this please do contact Hedgehog class teachers, and we would be more than happy to help! 😊



 Term one 


So Much : Cooke, Trish, Oxenbury, Helen: BooksWilly the Wimp (Willy the Chimp): Browne, Anthony, Browne,  Anthony: 9781406356410: BooksLittle Red Hen: Allen, Jonathan: 9780552548120: Books

In hedgehogs this term our writing has been based around these books. The children really enjoyed these texts. 

"I like the way it repeated itself." 

"I thought it was funny when he walked into a lamppost."


In Reception, we focused on numbers to three this term. 

In year 1, we looked at place value within ten, addition and subtraction.

Science/understanding the world: 

We looked at humans and animals. 


Term two


Beegu: Deacon, Alexis: 9780099417446: BooksBringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain: Aardema, Verna, Vidal,  Beatriz: 9780333351642: BooksThe Jolly Postman: Ahlberg, Allan, Ahlberg, Janet:  9780670886241: Books

These are the books we read this term. Children engaged really well with these books and were able to think deeply about the world because of them. 

"I think it's good because it shows you how brave he is."

"I like the bit where he was talking to the leaf." 

"Migration is when animals move away when somewhere isn't good." 

"The animals will die without rain because rain makes the plants grow."



In Reception, we focused on numbers to five and 2D shapes this term. 

In year 1, we looked at addition and subtraction and shapes.


Science/understanding the world: 

We looked at seasons focusing on Autumn.


Term three


Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish by Michael Foreman | WaterstonesCave Baby : Julia Donaldson, Emily Gravett: BooksThe Magic Paintbrush : Donaldson, Julia, Stewart, Joel: Books

In Hedgehogs, we are looking forward to reading these books this term. 


In Reception, we focused on numbers to six to nine and mass and capacity this term. 

In year 1, we will be looking at place value to 20 and addition and subtraction to 20.


Science/understanding the world: 

We will be looking at the seasons (focusing on winter and spring) and materials.